Keep the Lights On--Always

Buy from a licensed Generac dealer in Bossier City, LA

When you think of the power going off, what words or terms come to mind? Darkness? Candles? Emergency?

You may think of a lot of different words when it comes to the power going off. But when it comes to the power coming back on—suddenly, powerfully and magically—there’s only one word that should come to mind: Generac.

Invest in the best generator around

At Wilhite Electric, we’re licensed dealers of Generac generators. We’ve chosen to sell Generac because we know what you’ll soon realize: that they provide the best solution to backup power on the market today—period!

If you’re looking to buy a generator in Bossier City, LA, call Wilhite Electric. We’ll help you select—and professionally install—your next:

· Whole-house backup generator
· Portable generator
· Generator add-on