Keep the Lights On--Always

Buy from a licensed Generac dealer in Bossier City, LA

When you think of the power going off, what words or terms come to mind? Darkness? Candles? Emergency?

You may think of a lot of different words when it comes to the power going off. But when it comes to the power coming back on-suddenly, powerfully and magically-there's only one word that should come to mind: Generac.

Invest in the best generator around

At Wilhite Electric, we're licensed dealers of Generac generators. We've chosen to sell Generac because we know what you'll soon realize: that they provide the best solution to backup power on the market today-period!

If you're looking to buy a generator in Bossier City, LA, call Wilhite Electric. We'll help you select-and professionally install-your next:

· Whole-house backup generator
· Portable generator
· Generator add-on